When you arrive at the camp you will be warmly greeted by the Club's friendly camp personnel who will help you unload your gear and lead you along our fascinating driftwood walkway to the camp. Our camp is nestled among tall cedars and firs. It consists of a kitchen and dining room, guest quarters for sixteen (two to a room), storage areas, and staff quarters. The guest quarters were replaced for the 2016 fishing season with a new eight room bunkhouse with ensuite bathrooms and showers. We have a diesel power plant which meets all our power needs including a large flash freezer for fish. The generator shed doubles as a drying room during wet weather. The camp is connected to the outside world by satellite telephone (778-785-2034) which is typically monitored at 10:00 AM and after 8:00 PM.



Fishing and fresh sea air tend to create big appetites. Our cook is prepared to meet your needs with great food and lots of it. One of the many specialties is the savory seafood offered such as fresh Dungeness crabs, tasty halibut, barbecued salmon, and steamed prawns. It doesn't get better than this! We also ship to the camp a selection of choice beer and wines available to members and guests at reasonable cost. Meals are special times of enjoying gourmet food, sharing experiences of the day and stories of the past.

Dinnertime is when everyone’s hungry. We schedule our meal times to make the most of prime fishing opportunities. This is one example of the kind of flexibility that helps members customize their trip rather than having to cater to a rigid camp schedule.



Most of our members and guests are so enthralled with the scenery that they take time out from fishing to explore the many pristine beaches and network of channels and coves around the camp.

Don't be surprised to see Orcas (Killer Whales) and other whales and dolphins that also fish Hakai Pass. Sea lions and seals also have a home here. Watch for majestic bald eagles and a variety of sea birds overhead. Along the shoreline you may catch a glimpse of black tailed deer, black bear and other mammals.



Remember: your personal gear is limited to 25 pounds. 

When packing for your trip to Hakai, keep in mind that you must be prepared for all types of weather and that your personal gear is currently limited to 25 pounds (11.3 kg) per person for the flight in. This means you’ll need to pack smart, and plan ahead. Some of the optional items are available at camp, but if you have room, it’s always nice to have your own too.